Meet Us

Meet Us

Meet Canadian Photographers Chris & Samara

Based out of Guelph Ontario (as of July 2019).

We’re Chris and Samara! Married to each other, new parents to a little human, Ezra. Long time parents to a weird furry creature, Soya. Batman and Robin to the Wedding World.

We are going on 10 plus years of storytelling with Sarelle Photos. We can’t help but geek out over the big moments in life, and we’re sure you feel the same way! We pride ourselves on being the first resource you can turn to and the last one you’ll worry about when it comes to your big moments.

Samara is the brains of the operations (Batman). She’s always got a list in hand and never misses a moment. Upon graduating with a degree in Photography in 2007 and having over 200 weddings under her belt she founded Sarelle Photos in 2007.

Chris has worn many different hats in his life (currently Robin), including exploring the world through his lens. He joined Samara running Sarelle Photos in 2009. It is because of his outgoing, creative, free spirit and fun lifestyle that gives Sarelle Photos that certain edge you can only find in creative photography.

Together we are always looking to connect with new or past couples and families who share a love of photography.

We also practice what we preach and try to get our own photos taken at least once a year! Sometimes you have to really put down that phone to make sure your catch everyone in one frame.

( Photo Credit: our wedding photo is by Fer Juaristi, Family Photo by Marie-Christine Genero )